Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Gdańsku | Rynek pracy

Recruitment Agency

The Voivodeship Labour Office in Gdańsk is engaged in coordination of social security concerning benefits to the unemployed migrating within the member states of the European Union/European Economic Area* and Switzerland.
On application or at request of adequate institution of the country in which the individual applies for unemployment benefit, the Voivodeship Labour Office in Gdańsk issues:
  • certificate E 301, confirming employment or insurance periods required for the granting of unemployment benefit in any of the member states,
  • certificate E 302, concerning family members of the insured, who are to be taken into account in the benefit calculation process,
  • certificate E 303, concerning retaining the right to unemployment benefit in the country of job seeking,
  • decisions on granting the right to unemployment benefit to the unemployed registered in Poland after they have been employed in the EU/EEA member states,
  • decisions (based on E 303 application form) on disbursement of unemployment benefit to unemployed citizens of the EU/EEA member states who arrive in Poland with the intention of job seeking.
tel/fax.: (0048) 58 32 61 832, (0048) 58 32 61 818